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Petra Dieker
Thünen-Institut für Biodiversität

Arable plant monitoring

The subproject `plant monitoring` aims to cover all different types of vegetation within the agricultural landscape. In contrast, the project `arable plant monitoring` focuses on weed plants within arable fields, which form the largest part of the total agricultural area. Especially intensively managed arable fields suffer from a low arable plant diversity.

Changes in the management of the major arable crops such as winter wheat can have a significant impact on the arable plant diversity and therefore on the total diversity of the agricultural landscape. In addition, the promotion of minor crops such as grain legumes by the EU creates ecological niches for higher taxa.

There is a diverse set of environmental schemes promoting biodiversity in the agricultural landscape. Most of the measures are not designed to enhance arable plant diversity but focus on other taxa such as insects or mammals.

In the subproject `arable plant monitoring’, different survey methods for arable weeds will be tested. The aim is to identify a method, which fits best to the goals of a national monitoring program.



Lena Ulber
Julius Kühn-Institut für Pflanzenschutz in Ackerbau und Grünland

Christoph von Redwitz
Julius Kühn-Institut für Pflanzenschutz in Ackerbau und Grünland