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The basic structure of the monitoring consists of three parts:

•   Trend monitoring at the national level

•   Question-based monitoring on specific issues

•   Citizen-Science-based monitoring approaches

Each of the three parts of this monitoring concept consists of several modules, some of which already exist, others are currently under construction and others still need to be developed. It can be assumed that the individual modules will require different periods of development until they can deliver representative results across the board.


Monitoring will cover the diversity of agricultural landscapes and the quality of agricultural habitats and agricultural soils, as well as various groups of organisms, with a focus on insects and the ecosystem services they provide. In particular, flower-visiting insects and their pollination services, pests and beneficial organisms as well as functional communities of soil biota will be studied to determine the ecological performance of production systems.


The MonViA project aims at a long-term implementation and is currently in the pilot phase, in which we are developing standardised recording methods and indicators, but are not yet collecting data.